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  1. Initially I didnt notice the maple leaves on the reverse, so the reverse design of the UK medal will probably be different, I do like the Queens image it has been very well done, shame if it changes for the UK as it is a very nice medal, but I would assume that the ribbons will be identical. Still no design or decisions made around who will qualify in the UK, but I am sure the military will be honoured en masse.

  2. I moved it to the coin section as I felt it sat better there.

    However if you want a police specific challenge coin topic then I will split the relevant posts which probably makes sense and move it back into the police area.

    My experience of these coins (the name challenge is a new one on me as well so we all live and learn) has been very much a mixture of Specialist Military and Police right across the world.

  3. The awarding of Police Long Service through out the Empire including home in Great Britain was a largely disjointed affair with differing awards and medals being appointed for different parts of the Empire . The style of policing also differed with most Colonial Forces being run along military lines. Also remember that when first instituted the Colonial Long Service medal was aimed at Junior Officers, the majority of which would have been White Europeans, it was only later in the Twentieth Century that junior ranks could be awarded it. India also had the Indian Police Medal which despite its limited circulation would have been viewed as a more appropriate method of awarding Meritorious Service as well as Gallantry, perhaps surprisingly the vast majority being awarded to non white indigenous officers. Perhaps someone can give you a more definitive answer but my thoughts are that being the 'Jewel in the Crown of the Empire' and with various awards already in circulation specific to India at the time of institution the Colonial Police long Service Medal was not even considered as being necessary for India, much like the attitudes of the time viewed British police officers (remember British Police did not get a long service medal until the early 1950s well after Indian independence).

  4. Just a quick update the new police website is taking shape but a little more slowly than I would like. To help get it off to a quicker start I am looking for some material to publish on the website. If anyone has any police historical articles or police collectible articles they wish to have published on the website please contact me by PM. Areas that need support are collectables other than medals and County forces/Special Constabulary. All material provided will be attributed/copyrighted to the author but with the agreement that there are unrestricted publishing rights.

  5. GMIC are sponsoring and helping to set up a new reference website which will concentrate specifically on the history of the Metropolitan Police and other British Police Forces. It will be linked to GMIC so that any topics can be discussed here within this section but the site which will be essentially be independent of GMIC in how it is run. The site will be a reference resource for collectors and researchers and will contain historic references as well as material to assist researchers and collectors alike. To help set up the website I have been asked to raise whether any member would be willing to contribute any articles or stories which can be supported by factual dates/evidence/photos etc which may be of interest to Police collectors and researchers. Any article contributed will be acknowledged to the author and as a trade off any advertising relating to police related books, websites or commercial interests with a police link will be freely applied in banner form at the bottom of the relevant pages.

    I am taking a leading roll in the technical aspects of building and running the website to support the owner.

    More details will follow soon but I do think this will be a very interesting development and help build up even more police collector members here at GMIC.

  6. I have to say not sure what or where this sits. It surely cannot be a state award unless it is given the Royal Assent. Therefore it is a Gordon Brown trinket which seems to be an unprecedented move for a Prime Minister to award a medal/badge on behalf of the state and very unconstitutional to say the least. There is plenty of scope to award official state awards (as well as posthumous awards), to recognise the services of these individuals without quite frankly cheapening their acts by a cheesy tinpot Gordon Brown award.

  7. Tom has asked me if I would start off a database here at GMIC which could record information relating to medal rolls for Police Officers who have served in the Metropolitan Police and received any type of officially recognised medal whilst in police service. I though this was an interesting concept, but it is a VAST undertaking which would never be completed as there must be hundreds of thousands of officers who have served with the Met Police, although granted only a fraction of those tens of thousands would have got medals :whistle:

    But Tom has provided me with some research he has done which is a start. However any ideas how this could be progressed by pooling research information ? I suggested we start with easy targets like identifying those called to the Colours during the Boer, Great War and WWII ?

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