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    I am collecting mainly militaria, orders and decoration from the Kingdoms of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro but also from the Scandinavian countries.

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  1. Laurentius, I like more the gold ones but I understand what you mean. Yes, it is the simplicity of the design and the colours goes so well together makes it a beautiful order. Yes you did, you mentioned "Bron whp"?
  2. Magnificent piece!! Congratulation! What does "whp" mean, workshop?
  3. No, unfortunately no hallmarks. I have the book on the orders from Luxembourg and there I can read the different producers but I would like to know which of the producers made the different badges that I have.
  4. Gentlemen, I have, for some strange reason, begun to collect the order of the Oak Crown. I have three badges, two in gold and one in silver. My question is, who is the producer? The first from the left has the same medallion as the badge in the middle but, the first badge (cross) is made of silver while the other one is in gold. The sphere holding the ring is also different between those two badges. The last one to the far right is also made of gold but the medallion, and the oak branches are completely different. On the bottom picture you can see that the thickness also varies.
  5. Nice collection! But I have one question, when is the red ribbon used and when is the yellow ribbon used on the Liberty cross with the red cross? How many Liberty crosses withe the red cross 1941 where issued?
  6. maxblue


    Gentlemen, From which period was this plaque, from Kretly, used? Thank you.
  7. Sorry to hear that you are in hospital, I hope you get well soon. I am greatfull for all information that I can get on the medals. This is what it says on the rims of the medals, from left to right: 3716 pte H.Randall E.surrey Regt H.J. Mustoe gunr R.M.A H.M.S Barfleur Albert Forsberg
  8. Hi, Thank you for the information, unfortunately the other medals are not awarded to the same person. So there is not any chance to find this information online? The mercantile medal was awarded to another swede, but the China and Boear war medal where awarded to britons. /R
  9. Dear Gentlemen, I have The Sea Gallantry Medal for Foreign Services that was aweded to a swede, Peter Nilsson 1877. Where can I reserach and obtain information about him and why he received the medal? Thank you!
  10. Gentlemanen, General Walter Leuze got the order of the Yugoslav Crown, III class in Berlin 1939. Prince Paul of Yugoslavia made an state vist to Berlin in july 1939 and as usually on these ocassions there where an exchange of orders and decoration. At that time the general was ab colonel. Erich Milch got the I class of the same order.
  11. Hi, Who was the maker of these orders, like the 1st class set posted on july 31, 2016?
  12. Dear gentlemen, I have this british artillery saber tache. Can somebody please tell me from which regiment and from which period, value etc.... Any information is valuable. Thank you.
  13. Dear Gentlemen, I was wondering if you can help me. I have a Swedish dragoons pickelhaube M1895 but without the left chin starp, please look at the attached pictures. These helmets where german made and imported to Sweden but the helmetsplates where swedish. Do you, by any chance, have a chin strap for sale? Looking forward to hearing from you? Kind regards, Robert
  14. maxblue


    Dear gentleman, Can you please help me translate this text? Sorry for the bad picture, I hope it is readable. Thank you
  15. Dear Gentlemen, Can one tell by the number on the reverse on a GC star from the Victorian order, from which period it is?
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