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  1. Nice bar, nice photos and great research work. I had a St. Henry Commander once, it was very hard to find. I think I bought it from Detlev long ago. Long since moved on. It was a beauty.
  2. I tried forever to find a real SHM in gold, Closest I ever got was the mini, But mine was loose, not on a chain like yours. So very nice!!! I remember Detlev going to an auction house for me on a gold medal once. I bid 2400 Euro and still did not win!!
  3. Chris, Beautiful addition to the collection. Not all pilots had minis of their badges, I've seen chains with them and without. Beautiful and thanks for sharing!
  4. while the full-sized one has been heavily faked, I am unaware of copies of a miniature floating about. The only thing that throws me is no twist to the pin?
  5. Hi Jason, the medals look real, but 205 Euro (plus shipping) seems high to me just to get the medals. Just my opinion, if you need them for a project, I completely understand!!
  6. For what it's worth, I don't really care for the sword grips at all. Cannot see the WAF discussion, I'm a bad boy and banned for life from WAF for arguing with Seba!! (snicker, snicker, snicker)
  7. No, I had two all gold Hohenzollerns, both purchased from Detlev Niemann. They were gold, not bronze gilt, not silver gilt. No I don't own them anymore, these are my archive pictures. Neither one was sold to Claudio
  8. Can anyone provide any information and valuation for a dagger like this. A friend of mine's attorney has it as a family heirloom and is looking for details. Will try and figure out how to get the pix on here shortly. Thanks for any help anyone can offer.
  9. Ha Ha Ha, Monkey Fingers! That was one of Rick Research's favorite sayings!
  10. Beautiful bars David, very nice indeed! I especially like the Brunswick pair!
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