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  1. Hi Tim - Many thanks for your assessment. I bought it on e-bay UK for £23 - it was described as "genuine", and came with a replacement modern ribbon. Bill
  2. Sorry - another question about Italian vics - I'll try to make it the last! Having got my head round the Type 5, with the date 1915 on the reverse and the small figure of Victory, I see that e-bay UK has what the seller describes as a Czech-made Unofficial Type 1, with the date 1914 on the reverse, and the small Victory. No designer, maker or die-sinker names. So, the question is - what type(s) have the small Victory? I never knew the subject was so complicated until I found this Forum! Bill
  3. Hi Tim - I was afraid you would ask for PICs! Anyway, here's my attempt. Obverse Reverse Edge - please excuse the crude holder. The dimensions of the medal are diameter 36.6mm, thickness 2.3 mm. Still on the subject of Italian vics - there was one on e-bay UK last night which the seller says has MCMX111 instead of MCMXIII - sounds very suspicious. Bill
  4. Right - another question! I recently bought an Italian vic, maker Sacchini, for which I have misgivings. The details on obverse and reverse are clean and clear - I can see Victory's navel! The Orsini.MOD and Sacchini Milano are clear, too. The G Villa. ING is clear on the reverse. So, why the misgivings? There are striations on the edge all the way round, including the staffa, extending for half the width from the reverse. Under the glass they have a granular appearance, which I think is due to shearing, possibly when the blank was stamped out, or from the striking in the die. There are no signs of filing. The question is, do I have a bad'n? Also on the subject of the Italian vics, I notice that the Type 5 with the date 1914 has a smaller figure of Victory - almost 2/3 the size of the other types. Any help much appreciated. Bill
  5. I think I had misunderstood the thrust of what might be done to improve the WW1 Victory Medals thread. What you propose seems to be logical and workable. The only problem is who will do the setting up and sorting out of the 680-odd posts! Hope no-one will mind a newby putting in his opinion. Bill
  6. Well, I'm back with a question all ready! With the Italian vic. - which type(s) have the date 1915 on the reverse? I've seen a couple of photos in posts on the thread which seem to have this date, but the type given, if I've understood the post, is different. I find the search facility a little disconcerting - if I ask for "italy type 3" it's rejected because it won't deal with a single letter or number. Is there a work-around for this? Bill
  7. Hi Gents - I've just joined this Forum, after finding it in a Google search for WW1 Victory medals. I've been collecting British military medals for many years, but have recently started to collect the Interallied Victory Medal of WW1. I have been looking to obtain Laslo's book, but Amazon is asking £145 for paperback or £165 hardback, and I'd rather spend the money on medals! So, I want to say that this thread has been a revelation - if you can't get Laslo this must be the place to come to find all the information on these medals gathered together. Many thanks to all who have contributed their knowledge and experience for the benefit of collectors like me. The thread does take a while to get through, but with so many aspects covered it would be much harder if it was split up to cover each one seperately - IMHO. I probably won't be a very active contributor, but I'll be checking new posts regularly, and will have the odd question from time to time. Many thanks, Bill
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