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  1. Found this from 2015. I'll try the archives and hopefully get some more info and buying a new book..... roll on payday! Thanks.
  2. Hi Paul, I bought this and a ww2 Air Crew Europe Star a few years ago, from a dealer I trust in Scotland and I believe them to be original. Are there any areas of the BWM you think I should look closer at? I'll post the star later on, (flat battery in camera!). Should it be on a different thread or is it ok on here? Thanks for the warning! Glenn
  3. Hi all, Thought I would post this for you to have a look at. British issue Bronze war medal to a member of the Chinese Labour Corp. 105815 Chinese L. C. was told when I acquired it that it is to a Chang Tien Shu but I have no idea where to find out more. Enjoy! (sorry the edge shots are poor- I'll get it right eventually!)
  4. hi Peter, I have posted on the BBF and am awaiting (hopefully) for replies. Thanks for the suggestion! now all I have to do is start photographing my medals...….. Thanks again.
  5. Hi Peter, thank you for the welcome. Yes, it is missing the slider as is the Canadian Provost Corps. I will check out the badge forum, thanks.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to posting on the forum so hope i'm doing it right! I have come across these cap badges and collar dogs that I have no idea about and hope the experts on here can tell me if they are original or not. Having read the thread on the 9th lancers I now have my doubts it is authentic, which brings the whole lot into question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Glenn some more pics reverse of the badges
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