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  1. Very nice i have one of these marked on the reverse Wernstein Jena bottom edge is your example marked ? I can't post pics because i don't know how to its witchcraft to me. But i will ask a mate round to help me one question do you need a really good digital camera or can it be done with a cheap one? All the best Mametz
  2. Awesome! I have been collecting sa and hj tinnies for quite a few years and never seen one apart from in Tieste book is it rare was it expensive? if it was on a dealers table in the UK i would think priced between ?60-?80 may be more can you show us a pic of the back
  3. Keep them coming Claymore always nice to see sa tinnies Mametz
  4. Keep them coming Claymore always nice to see nice sa tinnies Mametz
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