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  1. Very nice but not really a tinny more a non portable award Regards Mametz
  2. Great stuff Pete love the cardboard one, makes you wonder where have they been all this time and how they survived intact Regards Mametz
  3. Yes looks like there has been some gun jumping and foot shooting, not to mention a lot of egg on face but we all make mistakes Regards Mametz
  4. Thats an uncommon one Pete not seen by me before Regards Mametz
  5. Some very nice new additions there Pete,like the nitroplast ones vibrant colours also the holz ones. The Dresden badge was going to say tinny is cracking, Seiffen was is the centre for wooden toy making. If you come across any wooden HJ or SA badges that you already have and want to sell please PM me Regards Mametz
  6. Those last three are stunning Pete, the colours are fantastic Regards Mametz
  7. You have been busy Pete two nice ones there, was there much at the last International? i could,nt face the drive. Regards Mametz
  8. Thanks to all for posting these examples very interesting, do these come up for sale very often and what sort of price are they Regards Mametz
  9. Don,t know what it,s for but it looks real enough Regards Mametz
  10. Yes some new ones there, with all the tinnies you have Pete how do you remember which ones you already have. Regards Mametz
  11. Very nice selection there Pete, so not just the fantastic tinnie collection uh what else are you hiding from us Regards Mametz
  12. I can,t believe i missed those two, i was there at 930am whose table were they on? must be walking round with my eyes shut Regards Mametz
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