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  1. (Please forgive the google translation.) In den letzten Jahren habe ich meine Beteiligung der Familienmitglieder im Ersten Weltkrieg als Teil der Erforschung der Untersuchung meine allgemeine Familiengeschichte. Es begann mit ein paar geheimnisvollen Bildern und in viele Bücher und viele Daten entwickelt. Ich dachte mir, dass der beste Weg, zu bewahren, was ich gelernt habe und präsentieren es auf andere Familienmitglieder wäre, eine Dokumentation über jedes Mitglied , seine jeweiligen Einheit und die Erfahrungen in den Krieg zu machen. Ich vermute, dass diese können für andere von Interes
  2. For the last few years I have been researching my family members' involvement in WWI as part of investigating my general family history. It started with a couple of mystery pictures and developed into many books and lots of data. I figured that the best way to preserve what I've learned and present it to other family members would be to make a documentary focusing on each member, his respective unit and it's experiences in the war. I figure that these may be of interest to others, so I'm planning on publicly posting them onto Youtube. Rather than just having me drone on in my bland Connecticut
  3. I guess we've beaten this dead horse enough. Thanks for all of your help. - John
  4. Looking at the The London Gazette entry, I see a couple of other curious things... - Lutjen is not listed under "To be Lieutenants", but rather under "To be Ensigns". - His line also includes "2d Ditto", but I'm not sure what this refers to. - Lt. Buerman (nor any "Buerman") appears in the Gazette from 1-Jan 1806 through the end of 1816. Looking at other notations on the page, I believe that the "v. Lutjen" I mentioned earlier refers to "Vice Lutjen", or "instead of..." or "in the place of..." Lt. Lutjen. So it definitely looks like Lt. Lutjen was gone almost as soon as he arrive
  5. Two things that seem curious: 1) There is a notation next to his name which I can't make out, 2) His date of service is not in order with the rest of the officers. Note that they generally appear to be listed in order of their date of rank -- except for Lt. Lutjen. Curious. Looking at the facing page it looks like there is an additional note. Once again I can't work it out since I'm not familiar with the writing. Note the reference to "28-Jan 1806" which is the date of Lutjen's rank. The only other reference to that date is Ensign Adolphus Hansing -- which doesn't appear to be
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the help. Since none of my ancestors is English, I'm not very familiar with the British sources, but you've been a great help.
  7. Thanks Paul. It sounds like you have access to additional information that clarifies the situation. The comment about Salamanca refers to the backwards-paragraph symbol just prior to the "21st". It's partially obscured by the yellow adobe acrobat note marker. This ties back to the following explanation from page 528 of the 2nd volume of the history of the KGL. I wonder if this suggest that he temporarily held the rank of Lieutenant for a few months, and then reverted back to possibly a non-commissioned officer. BTW - Could you forward to me a copy of the page(s) which you ref
  8. Hello. Forgive me for resusitating an old thread. I'm trying to understand the Officer listing for a potential relative. He is listed on page 661, officer number 1235. If I interpret the listing correctly, he was... - A Lieutenant in the 2nd Line Battalion - Served without permanent rank until the battle of Salamanca, July 1812. I don't understand the dates that immediately follow this information. - 21st - 28th Jan. 1806. Resigned 1st March 1806. At the top of the officer listing under "Marks and Abbreviations" is the note that "...the fist date represents the
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