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  1. Came from an old collection, feels and smells good considerable age, but is it ok ?, if not like to see and compare, thanks, Paul
  2. Have not purchased yet, need to find out a bit more, they are asking $1500 for the group plus documents
  3. Yes its the Order of Michael the Brave circa 1942-45, sorry yes "Aurel"
  4. Hi, I have the opportunity to purchase a group to a Romanian medical officer "Colonel Mavru Aurul" 1941-45, he should be entitled to the Michael Cross, Maria Cross, order of the crown, Star order and medical award in gold, all this comes with citations , could anyone confirm him and his awards, and any thoughts on price, many thanks, Paul
  5. I have a ground dug dog tag, with "0724" Rekr" "Depo" then "Waffen-ss Depica" would this be the Italian ss or a basic ss tag issued to a recruit, many thanks, Paul
  6. Can anyone give me contacts recommendations etc for good quality German imperial militaria, looking for pre field gray uniforms, many thanks, Paul
  7. My thanks to do eitze who has assisted me in the researching Windisch, Can anyone assist with the decorations of Ltn. RUDOLF Windisch - Jastas 32, 50, 66 ??? he was born on 27.01.1897 in Dresden, the capital of the Kingdom of Saxony. So he was Saxon by birth. Many thanks, Paul
  8. Would like to find out if "Kurt Windisch" was a prussian flyer, circa 1915, any help appreciated, Paul
  9. Can any one identify the attached, thanks, Paul
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