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  1. Hello Sean, the stable belt is close, will see what info I can find re Welbeck College. Appreciate your efforts. Don
  2. Hello Jerry and Peter, an ascot was what I was also thinking, and yes, it does seem gaudy for a military college. It came with other militaria stuff, so thought it was worth looking into. Thanks for your comments. Don
  3. Thanks for taking a look Simon and Hugh. Pillbox maker was J G Plumb, Military Tailors, 117 Victoria St; Westminister. Coat is made of a canvas type material. Again , thanks Don
  4. Hello, have looked, and can find no information on this jacket, cumberbund and pillbox hat. There is also a square (2 1/2 ft by 2 1/2 foot) silk piece. It is dark blue with light blue and gold stripes. Epaulette buttons and lapel insignia have been removed. The owner's name, A F Powell is on the jacket. I think it is from a British Military College. Your input would be appreciated.
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