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    1. Hey Tony... Thanks for that deep dive! Yes, I would agree... it was quite the rabbit hole! I’m at least somewhat comfortable ruling out a British origin, and that of course leaves a wide field remaining - but your suggestions do narrow the possibilities significantly. You’re right that the badge is much less “fancy” than the epaulet example illustrated above. It’s more field-grade construction would seem to suggest an accouterment badge of some sort. In any event, the search continues....
    2. thanks for the feedback guys… for scale:
    3. Hello All, Am hoping someone might be able to identify this. One suggestion is it may be Austrian. Any thoughts?
    4. Hello All, Is this original? It seems the correct badges appear to be sew-on types?
    5. Hello All, Am hoping someone might be able to confirm this as Zeitfreiwillingen Hannover, although other possibilities have been suggested over the years. Anything concrete would be great!
    6. Hello All, I’ve always found this to be a very interesting medal. My understanding is it was awarded by committee in 1923 with a brevet for acts of bravery in WWI, was struck in silver and bronze, was awarded in very small numbers and is sometimes wrongly identified as a prototype for the 1915-18 Commemorative Medal. I’m curious if anyone has more information regarding numbers issued, award docs and pictures of it appearing in groups?
    7. Hello All, Can anyone ID this? Not entirely sure it’s Russian. Maybe off a shoulder board?
    8. Hello All, Am not having much success finding this one online anywhere. Anybody have background?
    9. Hello All, Can anyone ID these hallmarks?
    10. Hello All, Would anyone have details on when this type was in service?
    11. Yes, it’s definitely been there! A little Ballistol easily cleared the grime away to reveal what’s left of the silvering (which I’d estimate at around 65%). Now I just need to hunt up a ribbon...
    12. thanks... what was the award criteria for the medal?
    13. Thanks... yes, I had noticed that bit about the bilingual issue date. Was wondering if there were any construction characteristics that might be indicative of early strikes. Also, I need a ribbon! If anyone has a length, please let me know!
    14. Hello All, Is there any way to estimate date of issue for these medals?
    15. thanks! The medal has an old silver wash over the bronze. Privately done??
    16. Hello All, Cant find much out there on this one. Is it one of the native troops medals?
    17. Hello all, This badge depicts the semirigid airship La Republique. Has anyone encountered a similar example?
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