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  1. Very nice Sal -

    From the photos it seems that the enamel on the obverse bulges out slightly - is that true? My Balfour is fairly flat on the enamel on both sides.

    These are additional shots of the un-named Korean Era piece...yes, the enamel is thick and high on the white portion of the arms...not sure if that is intentional in the piece or just something in the manufacturing of this piece or run...

    My Balfour is in post #17 and is as you described yours...sorry for confusing the issue.


  2. I don't care what the Marines or the Air Force or the Navy awards. That is their business and they seem to understand the value of awards a fair bit bitter than the Army. But why the Army doesn't listen to commanders in the fight is beyond me. Steve

    AMEN to that...

    Hit it right on the head Steve...I had the same experience back in Desert Storm even...my well deserving Cav Troopers got the same treatment...not sure why the commander in the field is questioned particularly on the battlefield...imagine how many deeds go unrecognized by them...and the soldiers only know they are diong their job and their duty, and they do it simply because it's the right thing to do.

  3. Well I took it in the pocket on this one...knowing it was possible and not having enough info...I took the gamble (partially hoping it was a 1930s copy at the least)...well it is I believe (based on some expert opinions) a 1960s copy...no idea what for. I personllly don't believe it is made to deceive...but possibly a filler someone had made or a copy for museum display or something of the sort. Not as detailed and heavy as an original which becomes more apparent in hand. It is not that bad...except the cost and lesson learned.

    Eagles are not detailed enough, nor is the central surround. The enamel is well done but you know it just does not have that "feel" and "look" when you have it in hand...it does not speak to you...and I have never seen an original period piece but it just feels not right.

  4. That is awesome...yep...I am looking for that one for my 50s piece...and a blue leatherette for my 70s 12c marked piece...

    I have seen a few around ebay and the like...but they go fast and high in price.

    What type is your star? Is is period for the case? No matter really...it looks great housed like that...

  5. I don't have any provinance in terms of an awardee. I picked it up from Rich Witt...other than that I have nothing with it...it came cased with a ribbon bar and lapel pin...but I didn't take any photos of that...If I can, I'll try to get that done over the next day or so.

    I am searching for a 40s-50s case for a commander and chief commander...I like these particularly in their cases...seems only fitting to house them like that vice just in a display...IMO

    Hi Sal -

    Yes the quality is there on both of these - beveled edge and the straight edge Kroean era. In an effort to narrow down things - what is the providence for the Korean era one? (box?) Still you can sure see the beautiful detail!

  6. Ralph

    I can't comment on the "by Congess" part...I know it is the Medal of Honor by name...If I am not botching the explanation it is awarded by the Congress (upon Congressional approval?) in the name of the President. Basically the President approves the award of the MoH, Congress awards the medal in the name of the President...

    Congress approves and awards medals, Congressional Medals, to prominent citizens...Congressional Gold Medals etc. Not sure the criteria or process for that...

    The most ornate MoH IMO is the AF MoH...largerst and most ornate...followed by the Army version, then the Navy version (simple brass inverted star just as the original design). Hope this helps a little. Tony

    I was told recently that the proper designation is "The Medal of Honor Awarded by Congress" as opposed to "The Congressional Medal of Honor" (which I'm told is something entirely different).

    What is the difference?

    The only MoH I've seen "in person" is the one on display at the Wilderness Battlefield visitor's center. I believe it is brass. Not very ornate.

  7. I am still chomping on the bit for any more understanding - information here> Jeff?????? :unsure:

    Based on what I see yours is a Balfour as well. The manufacturing variations in my observation (not scientific by any means) basically follow the decades...as you approach the 70s and then 80s and 90s you can see the change in quality and manufacture...

  8. Absolutely my favorite US decoration...I have a Korea era commander as well as a Balfour I just picked up last month. Both excellent quality (compared to todays stuff)..both heavy strikes...the unmarked Korea has a less refined look to the enamel but is clearly good quality...the Balfour as we have seen just speaks for itself.

    First is the Balfour...

    The first picture is mine and the second is the picture from the auction (belongs to newport386 - R. Lewandowski) I have added it because it shows more of the enamel detail than mine.

  9. Very interesting indeed. I agree to a point that over the years of this conflict that all things being equal, awards are less. However, I think you will find more small unit operations with valorous deeds vice individual deeds as in the past. Warfare has changed as has the execution of it...that does not mean the valor is any less...but I think with technology in the warfughters hands, the bar is raised as to what defines the valor in an act. What constituted an extreme level of valor or extremely valorous deed 60 years ago might be closer to the norm or may appear to be less valorous today considering the technology and skills of soldiers today.

    That being said, I do agree that regardless, the BS awards have to stop...and the true hero must be recognized so we can right the ship and bring back the "honor" and distinction of the individual decorations that they have lost over time.

  10. Thanks I appreciate that...I agree...simple elegance...the design speaks for the cross with no need for bells and whistles...hopefully more will be coming to my home soon.

    My Best


    Hi Sal,

    Gee. I wouldn?t be so quick to knock your cross. I think that these crosses are, in their design, a classic reflection of their time; and their execution is usually of the highest level.

    Take a look at post #25. The minor variations in design and finish are very interesting and it is unfortunate that so few are marked; making the various makers, as far as I know, virtually impossible to identify.

    I still say that?s a pretty darned nice cross you have there, :cheers:

    Best wishes,

    Wild Card

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