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  1. Hi Gordon/ thank you. The information is greatly appreciated. As I have stated flag was obtained from a provincial museum - in Lou of services done. Museum tag stated item was donated/brought home by a Canadian Intelligence corps officer - due to trying to ID location/area, flag has been in my associations holdings for many years (since 2011). As too the the 31/2 patches - these have always been as shown. I was going to try WAF - as suggested by Craig Gottleib of USA. - but with limited computer skills and not a true fan of the forum system, things never got started. I think even on this forum, I listed it in the wrong area. Finally some well searched answers come forward, hopefully more to follow. Best and thanks. Rob Low.
  2. Looking for information on a pre WWII SA Sturmfahne - 21/1 (in green square edged in dull gold) plus its related Unit traditions Numbers. Item is approx 45x45 inches is double sided. at some time at fly end there were ties/rings for pole but all are gone now. Item is in overall excellent condition have a couple period repairs - even has some blood staining. My Museum Association received this item over ten years ago, from a WWII Canadian Intelligence Corps officer veteran. Would like to have it identified so it can be better displayed. Have inquired by the so called experts here only to come up empty handed. No information, but they were willing to buy. Thanks. Rob.
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