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  1. For some years now I have been trying to discover where this picture of Lt General John Tulloch CB (1790-1862), my husband’s great (x2) grandfather, is held. I was wondering if anyone of the forum might know where the picture is currently, or might have been, displayed. From the web sourced (sadly no attribution) picture it looks to be hanging on the wall of a stair well of some mess, club or institution. Does any one recognize it? As some background: General John served with the HIC Bengal army. He joined the Company as a Cadet in 1805, seeing service at the Capture of the Cape of Good Hope in 1806 on his way out to India. He was with Raffles in Java in 1811, the Maharatta War 1816-17, Arracan in 1825, commanded the troops quelling the Munity at Baiza Bel in 1835 and was with General Pollock in Afghanistan in 1842. During his career he served with the 10th, 22nd, 30th, 39th, 43rd, 51st, 52nd, 60th & 62nd Bengal NI and also with the Bengal Light Infantry. He was gazetted his CB when he was a Lt Colonel with the 60th Bengal NI in 1842. He went on half pay in 1850, returned to England and lived out his days in Dawson Place, Notting Hill. During his retirement he may have had some connection with 2nd Middlesex (South) Volunteers. Most grateful to hear if anyone has ever seen this picture hanging on a wall and if so where. I would dearly love to make contact with who ever is looking after the picture now. We are not aware of it being with any of his current male descendants. Many Thanks Hilary
  2. HEIC records are held by the British Library, see http://indiafamily.bl.uk/ui/home.aspx . Some of the records are being digitised and put online by www.findmypast.co.uk. Other sources for records of those who served in India are available through the Families in British India Society at www.fibis.org and the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia at www.bacsa.org.uk.
  3. Hugh, Edward Tulloch died in 1892, a Colonel (retd) Bengal Native Infantry. John Tulloch, Edward's father, appears to have been Adjutant with the 22nd Regiment Bengal Native Infantry when they landed in Java on 4 Aug 1811, part of the expeditionary force (HEIC Java medal). While in Batavia he met, and married, Jacobina, daughter of Dutch East India Company official Abraham Couperus. The Tullochs remained in Java for about six years, until 1817. John Tulloch was a keen botanist and it may have been through this interest that he became friends of the Raffles. John and Jacobina Tulloch's eldest son Stamford William Raffles did indeed have Thomas Stamford Raffles and his wife Olivia Marianne Raffles among his godparents. John and Jacobina Tulloch had eight sons in the armies of the HEIC and their surviving daughter married an HEIC officer, George Palmer Whish. As for John Tulloch's father, Alexander Tulloch (c1754-1832) of Charles Street, St James's, Westminster, he appears to have come to London from NE Scotland about 1776. In London he was a coal merchant. There is a memorial to him in St James's Church, Piccadilly. We have no documentary evidence of exactly who his parents were but his unmarried sister lived in the Nairn area. It's not so far from Inverness, by sea! As for Major General DDC Tulloch (1903-1974) of Chindits' renown, he was a grandson of Edward Tulloch's brother Alfred (1829-1905). And, talking of godparents, my husband's godfather! I would be very interested to know your connection with him. What was your grandfather's name? Hilary
  4. Edward Tulloch (1822-1892) was the son of John Tulloch (1790-1862) and his wife Jacobina Maria Couperus (1797-1866). War Services of Officers of the Bengal Army 1863, Vol S to U: Rank: Captain First Name(s): E. Surname: Tulloch Regiment: late 69th Native Infantry Commissions: Ensign, 10 Dec. 39; Lieut., 2 Feb. 422; Captain, 17 Nov. 52 Service: Captain Tulloch served during the Punjab Campaign, '48, '49. Present at the passage of the Chenab, and the battles of Chillianwallah and Goojerat. Medal and 2 Clasps. Edward was the great-great-uncle of my husband. I would be most interested to know more about the medal that you have Hugh and to hear from any relatives of this family as a history is currently being written about them. Hilary
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