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  1. Hi I have taken the picture out of the album and scanned. Unfortunately it was scanned either in 300dpi or 600dpi. I chose 600. Hope these are better and you are able to help me. I do appreciate your help and would like to thank all concerned for helping Take care Lisa
  2. Sorry to bother you again. But I have another photograph. I have no idea what so ever about this chap. Any info about this chap would be wonderful. What uniform he is wearing and what year??? Thanks again for helping me Lisa
  3. I would like to thank you very much for your help with finding the enlistment documents and helping me to confirm the chap is who I thought. He is to me: my great grand uncle. My mothers grandmothers brother. I shall add the information to ancestry. I dont mean to sound rude, but I do have another photograph but I cannot find how to upload it. So I will start another thread. Thank you again. Take Care Lisa
  4. Hi Mike Thank you so very much for your quick response. I am 99.9% certain this chap is named James Badcock. He was born 1883 in Poplar London. I really do appreciate your help. Thanks again Lisa
  5. Hi, I have been tracing my family tree for a few years now. I have been given some old photos by my aunt. Some of the photos show men dressed in military uniform. I am extremely uneducated in this area and I hope I have found a website that may be able to help me. If I upload a photograph of one of the photos I wonder if someone could possibly help me and advise me about the dates of the uniform or what regiment it is anything really would help me at this moment in time. Thanks in anticipation Lisa
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