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  1. Irishgunner, The 2012 Independent Medal Review conducted by Sir John Holmes, from 1 October 2014 the qualifying period for the medal without rosette was extended to 21 October 1982, the date Mount Pleasant airfield was finished. So the recipients would have faced no enemy action?? The whole thing is confusing? Consider the well-earned VC by Corporal Cameron Baird in Afghanistan who broke cover to attack the enemy and was sadly killed. How does this compare to a man breaking cover and charging enemy lines over open ground, no cover and barbed wire hazards, with withering enemy machine
  2. Megan, Thanks. But is it the case that combat veterans would have the medal whereas those who spent, say, a week repairing a runway after the surrender would receive the medal with rosette having faced no danger at all ? And would anyone know the difference who wasn't involved?
  3. Sorry that I'm a female on a gentlemen's forum but I am interested in military medals. I understand that' the Falklands medal with the rosette was awarded (created) because only a few medals would have been awarded to the RAF. Can this really be right? Serving one day qualifies for the medal with the rosette?? Surely medals should only be awarded to those who faced combat? I understand that some people would have had minefields to clear. But if that's a reason then bomb disposal personnel should surely be awarded a medal the first time they attend an incident? Wouldn't people repai
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