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  1. I could still use some help with this project as it reaches the final stages! I am in need of someone who can copy a few specific Belgian Royal Decrees in the 1918 - 1930 timeframe. I have a list of decree numbers that I need that are known to include Americans. If you can help. please let me know. Thanks, Scott
  2. Hi, I'm finishing up a book titled "Belgian Decorations to Americans for World War One Service." I've located over 1,000 decorations to U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and civilian recipients. Although the awards are confirmed in other sources, I only have a handful of Belgian orders (Royal Decrees 6776, 6778 and 6780 as well as the Army Order of the Day for 22 Jan 19 and 23 Mar 19). Does anyone have copies of other Belgian awards lists to Americans? I would guess that 6777 and 6779 would be likely decrees to check if you have them . . . I have put my research together from documen
  3. Are there any Belgian researchers/historians/collectors who can help me out with this? Thanks, ww1buff
  4. Anyone else want to wigh in on this? Thanks, ww1buff
  5. Chris, Thanks for the reply. As far as awards to Americans go, a good many French LdH awards were to senior U.S. officers who did not see any direct combat action. Some were in staff positions, and some never left the U.S. These officers usually did not receive the CdG. Of the senior officers who did receive the CdG along with the LdH, most appear to be for long service commanding their units rather than any specific act of bravery. Most of the Belgian awards of national orders also seem to be for this type of service rather than for acts of bravery..
  6. Hi folks, Three questions about the Belgian Croix de Guerre awarded during WWI to foreigners. Did the Croix de Guerre accompany awards of the national orders (Ordre de Leopold, Ordre de la Couronne, Ordre de Leopold II)? It was common with French awards of the Legion d'Honneur to Americans that the LdH was accompanied by the French Croix de Guerre with Palm when the LdH was presented for combat duty or gallantry in action. This practice also seems to have been followed for the Medaille Militaire as well for American recipients. I have not seen a similar practice with Belgian award
  7. Hi folks, I am a U.S. based historian/researcher and I need some help with Belgian decorations. My specific interest is in Belgian decorations awarded to Americans (both military and civilian) for World War One service. I will have a lot of questions to post on here in the upcoming weeks, and any help that you can give will be greatly appreciated. My first question has to do with citations for decorations. I have two Royal award lists (Nr. 6778 and Nr. 6780, both dated 27 Feb 1920) which award decorations to members of the A.E.F. These documents contain the name/grade of the awar
  8. Mathias, Thanks for the information. From what I have seen on the web, it looks like you nailed it!
  9. Michael, Thank you very much for the information!
  10. Hello everyone, I have a question about the ferrets (sometimes called "pencils") on the French fourragere. I have some with brass/bronze ferrets and some with silver ferrets. Is there a significance to the different colors/materials used? Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi folks, New member here. Does anyone know what the tower device on the ribbon is? I have seen a tower device on the web, but it is of a different type. Any information would be appreciated!
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