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  1. Hi Jerry, Interesting points to be sure, but most are in error. If it were made up, it was done so over 50 years ago. A couple of other experts have kicked it around in the US and are now certain it is real. The "irregular tarnishing" is as authentic as it gets. The shiny part was caused ( to my dismay) by the first buyer who returned. Anyway, thanks everyone for their input and have a Happy New Year! Robert
  2. It is always difficult selling authentic historical items as there are numerous people out there willing to proclaim everything a fake. I have a friend who is a dealer and has an unreal collection of uniforms belonging to famous Nazis. He even has one of Karl Dönitz’s last uniforms, not to mention a storeroom of lesser known German Officer’s uniforms. He tells me that he is starting to have trouble selling them , because self-proclaimed “experts” often say the items couldn’t be real because of the rarity. Go figure. Anyway, I want to thank both Jerry and Mike for helping me feel good about this item being authentic. Happy Holiday Season Robert
  3. Holiday Greetings Everyone Many years ago I purchased this WWI RNAS hat badge while in Essex. It came from a private seller. When I purchased the badge I was told that it was a tailor made variation of the badge. Well, I have recently sold the item, but now am being told by the buyer that it is a fake. It may well be, but does anyone have knowledge of variations of this badge? I’m sorry, I do not have the badge at present, but photos are here as they are too large to post in this forum. https://www.flickr.com/photos/100474669@N06/albums/72157677907891016 Thanks Robert
  4. I want to thank everyone for their opinion. It is rather large to be a sweetheart pin, and does have lugs. As to quality, it is AT LEAST as well made than most original period badges I have examined. It is very high quality. Perhaps in the photos it looks like cheap white metal. With so much work spend on it by the manufacturer, if not real, I would think it may have been deliberately made to deceive. I'm sure we have all seen cheap knock offs of various badges, RNAS Armoured Car Section badges come to mind. This is well about this quality in weight and detail. Hi Simon, I noticed the one in the link is not hallmarked. While I agree many Gaunt markings are raised, I have had some that were recessed. Robert
  5. Thank you Jerry, I agree that it is probably a sweetheart badge, but wonder how they got a perfect match on the metals without plating? You can see where the two parts are joined. Unless they are both a sort of silver that doesn't tarnish easily. Robert
  6. Hi, thanks for the information. To answer a question, it looks like old steel, but is non magnetic. It was listed as silver, but doesn't tarnish.
  7. Good Afternoon Everyone. Well, I have a question. Just what is this badge? Is it real or a fantasy piece? It is well made, hallmarked and heavy in the hand. Just over 2 inches long it is too big to be a lapel badge. I just got my copy of Airships over Ulster and The photographs of personnel show standard RNAS or RN hat badges for all ranks. Any information would be appreciated. Regards Robert
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