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  1. The mystery has been solved by a friend. Apparently it's the old badge for Abingdon School. My father was a day pupil and member of their Combined Cadet Force in his youth. Feeling a bit silly now - but glad that question was resolved. Thanks to all who applied themselves to the problem - I'm sorry it couldn't have been something more interesting in the end.
  2. I am trying to research what I think is a German military patch in my possession and was told that someone on this forum might be able to offer some information on it. The badge, along with other bits and pieces of similar hue, belonged to my late father. He almost exclusively collected German related items so I have assumed this is also of German origin - although nobody I have contacted has been able to offer any information. It is obviously a rare example because try as I might I cannot find another despite painstaking searches online. I have attached a photographs which do
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