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  1. Hello Peter

    Im hoping that you may have information regarding my uncle Albert Conquest. I understand from your post that you have his medals in your collection. Do you know of any detailed report of the incident, or anything else of interest? 

    Im planning a visit to his gravesite in the near future and would like to know a little more about his life.

    All the best


    1. Deelibob


      Hello Sally,

      The only info I had I posted on site. There is information on the Armed Forces Memorial ( If I remember correctly) Sadly I no longer hold the medals as I sold them along with the rest of my collection. I was later contacted by a collector via this site, he had purchased them. He is a member of this club but I cannot remember his details. I can tell you that the group of medals consists solely of his KPM,BEM and Colonial MSM. The others I had put A War Medal, Defence Medal and Palestine Medal with the group to complete the correct group however these were copies and were no longer with the group when I sold it. I think if you put out a general request via this site the current custodian may well contact you.

      Sorry I cannot help further but wish you well in your quest.



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