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  1. Hi,  Just read your response to this thread and taken a look at your MD jacket.  Unfortunately, the guy was in the wrong air force for me as I try, not with much success, to stick to RAF!!  However, having said that, what are you looking for in either cash terms or trades??  Do you have any other RAF gear for down load??


    I too lived in Singapore for about 2 years at RAF Seletar.  Did not want to come home but had to!!


    Cheers  Michael

    1. notned


      Hi Michael,

      Looking to sell his entire lot as one, to keep things together you know...wanting at least 500Quid for that lot, quite rare to see stuff to a NZ RNZAF Air ranker will send pix when required

      What other items are you after? i have an extensive collection ( Mainly RNZAF) to sell, funds are needed elsewhere...




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