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  1. Hi Mike, Thank you, I appreciate it. I always struggle finding information so this really helps. Did you find the this info on ancestry, I had a look and couldn't find anything. I would like to do a bit more digging in this and other Boer war medals I have. Thanks again, J
  2. Hi all, Struggling to find information on a Pte W Kay who served for the Royal highlanders in the Boer war. Looks like the service number has been partially removed.7xx2 Medal is in good condition except from that. Other that natural rubbing im not sure why medal have info removed or renamed? Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it.
  4. The hole is directly below the swivel so it is possible, doesn't look as though that part has been removed but could have been mounted. I've never seen it before but I'm new to collecting.
  5. Hi all, Are medals drilled to prove if they are genuine? Never really seen this before but assume it may be some form or test, it not broach or has any other marks. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi Simon, Looks like 2026 Pte. C. Findlay of the Military Mounted Police, some of the details after the M were rubbed..........looks interesting.
  7. I have a tel el kebir and khedive pair that I am trying to research but struggling. Some of the details are rubbed, what I can make out is the service number starts 20 (I think) followed by Findlay Mil:M. Only one I could find was Captain Charles Findlay but wishful thinking they belonged to him. Trying to get a list of all Findlay who served to try and narrow it down. Another pic Another pic
  8. I have a Wiltshire regiment Qsa Ksa pair that I would like to restore to their former glory. The suspender bar has been modified on both to be worn as pendants (I think). Has anyone changed a bar before and any advice? It will be a long process to get the parts and replace them but that's the plan.
  9. Thanks all for replying, I think in future I will leave them in their original condition. I haven't cleaned them all and will leave the others as is. I'm gradually trying to build up a set of GSMs and a long way to go
  10. Hi Peter, just seen your response, excellent! Thank you for this. The discharge papers may be interesting. When I got the medals there was a hm submarines cap tally but now don't look related.
  11. I purchased a mercantile marine pair and from the national archives purchased the medal card but how do I research what ship he served on and build up a picture if the history behind the medals. Any info is appreciated.
  12. I have a few GSM medals that have small black marks that I can't seem to remove, I have have tried silver polish but no joy. What causes these and can they be removed? Palestine and Cyprus
  13. Sorry that link is: Http//1915crewlists.rmg.CO.uk Interesting site.
  14. Hi Simon, Thank you for the welcome, looks a great forum. Thanks for your help and getting back to me. Yes, the medals and cap tally came together, really nice condition I found a useful resource: HTTP://crewlists.rmg.co.UK There is a reference to j b Kinniburgh from Cadder who served on Alcinous (Laconia before that), perhaps family member. Best regards, J
  15. I collect medals based on the item rather than the history but want to do research on the ones I have, for example I have a mercantile marine war pair to Thomas Kinniburgh with HM Submarines cap tally but can find no info on it. What is the best way to research my medals? Thanks guys.
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