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  1. Will do, I was shy a pz assult & and a sports but they are on the way.
  2. OK, the WWI EK1 was a go. Very tight fit but it worked. Now the rest.
  3. Thanks for the help. The Sport and riders sound pretty good. I didn't think of that. I am going to try the WWI EK1 right now.
  4. Well guys the most exciting part of being a tunic collector is dressing them up and placing medals on the loops. I just picked up a nice panzer Hauptmann tunic and dove into my box of spare medals and came up with a problem. I like to try and get as accurate as I can with these by taking into account everything (I am a bit anal, lol). What do you guys think on this one? I thought it would be pretty easy. I was thinking center top EK1, left panzer assault, right wound and lower center maybe a DRL. Well the problem is the top center loops. They are exactly the right length for an EK1 but the loops are too narrow. I can?t get the thick part of the pin through. This throws a wrench in things. Maybe a panzer assault top center but that leaves a lot of loops left. The right and left loops are the exact length of a wound. The bottom threw me too. A DRL would be too long. The loops are a little closer together than the rest. Any thoughts guys?????? For a little background the tunic is a panzer Hauptmann. It is an enlisted conversion field tunic. The loops with out a doubt are original to the tunic and all added at the same time. The thread used is the same as the tread used on all the reinforcements from the conversion. The loops are not stretched out so my guess is he rarely wore them on the tunic. The only impression in the wool is from the top center loops. Nick
  5. Paul just out of curiosity what year is that tunic dated. I just picked up a panzer Hauptmann em conversion. The size stamps are still present but not the date. I am pretty sure it is an upgraded M40. The color and texture of the wool is identical to yours. My guess was a 1941 production. Nick
  6. Well this is turning out to be more interesting than I thought. Keep em coming guys. Oh, by the way I black lighted that confetti I found in the pocket, well the white confetti anyway. It was UV negative. LOL
  7. I just posted these pics elsewhere so I figured I would post them here too. Here are a few pics of some of my tunics. I will be taking more in the next week or so and will add. Anyone else collect tunics? Please feel free to add.
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