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  1. Dear Fellow Researchers In the course of my Family History research, I discovered that my great-grandfather had been a Sergeant-Major in the Royal Artillery and, that on leaving he became a Sergeant-Major with the 3rd (Teignmouth) battery and later Brigade Sergeant-Major in Exeter. I been trying to find more information about the DAV, such as correspondence and muster books, but have had no success. I have a copy of the book by Litchfield and Westlake and I have been able to find articles in the local press. I am also aware of the article about the 2nd (Brixham) battery by Philip Armitage. The National Archives only has monthly accounts, which name the officers and NCOs but not the volunteers themselves, and the archives in Exeter hold nothing at all. I have tried the office of the Lord Lieutenant also without success. I know that there are research groups out there for the artillery volunteers from other counties and I would appreciate some advice as to where else I might look for documentation. I am also prepared for the possibility that what I am looking for no longer exists. Thank you for reading this. Colin Brown Amsterdam
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