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  1. Peter thank you for taking time to read and respond. uboat.net has the coordinates and some details of the the sinking and aftermath. This pretty much matched my uncles recollection(s). What I really would like to find (if possible) are pictures of both the u-boat (u-508) her crew and my uncles ship -SS CITY OF BATH, along with any documentation on either. Obviously any information on my Uncle (Charles Reid Gibson) would be welcomed with open arms. Thank you again Bruce
  2. Hi i am looking for any information on the above vessels please? My Uncle, was the engineering officer on the City of Bath and survived being torpedoed by U-508 (Staats) and several days in an open life boat. He went on to survive the war in the merchant Navy. I have my uncles account of the sinking and aftermath (he took charge of the lifeboat) along with his meeting with the crew of U-508. Informatiin is hard to find and any help would be appreciated and valued. I know that 508 and her crew did not survive the war and have read some info on her sinking.
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