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  1. In my family photo albums are a photo and a painting. I am trying to identify who they might be. The painting could be my great grandfather (b. 1842 d. 1900). He was in the Royal Horse Guards (Blues). He was a captain though and I'm not sure he would have been standing as a sentry. It might just be a random solider. The photograph could be my great grandmother's brother (b 1851 d. 1891). He was a Captain in the 5th Dragoon Guards. TIA for any help you might be able to provide!
  2. I posed in the Germany section of these forums at it was identified as hat badge for the Askari colonial troops in Africa. Probably Schutztruppe since their badges were white metal while the Polizeitruppe Askari's badges were brass.
  3. I don't know how long he served, but I do know he died in 1891 (aged 35, typhoid fever).
  4. Thank you for your help, Simon! Captain Hon. Thomas Kenelm Digby St. Lawrence, 5th Dragoon Guards 1876 - ?. He served in the Egyptian Campaign in 1882. He died in 1891 at age 35 of typhoid fever. Kenelm Edward Lee Guinness, Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve 1914-18.
  5. I believe it to be real. It had been in my father's possession since he inherited it. He past several years ago and didn't know its history either. My 2nd great uncle as in the 5th Dragoon Guards and served in the Egyptian Campaign (1882). Do you think this piece dates back that far?
  6. My 2nd Great Uncle was a captain in the 5th Dragoon Guards. He has a medal for the Egyptian Campaign, but I'm not sure if this badge is from that era. My great grandfather was in the royal Horse guards and my grandfather served as a lieutenant in Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
  7. They've already been split, but I don't think either of us has any plans to sell. I'm going to frame the ones I have -- and maybe collect the ones I don't. I haven't decided if I want to do that or not. So, would you darken the Khedive's Star or keep it polished?
  8. I recently inherited some family medals. This badge was among them. I had been trying to identify it for some time. I think I've finally figured it out - sort of! It appears to be the coat of arms of the German Empire, 1888–1918. I'm wondering if it's a part of a uniform such as a hat badge or just a pin. I'm a bit bewildered how it came to be in possession of my English/Irish family . . .
  9. Here are some detail pictures which might help. I'm thinking it a Hussar's regiment, but I can't find anything that identifies it with certainty. If one looks long enough, the answer comes . . . Now the question is, How did it come to be in the possession of my English / Irish family? 🤷‍♂️ Look
  10. I would have posted this in the classifieds, however I had issues with the form. Even though I marked it as "Wanted" it was still requiring information as if it was an item for sale. I am looking for an authentic suspension bar for my 1882 Khedive's Star.
  11. Thank you for the welcome! Captain, 5th Dragoon Guards. My brother and I split all the medals. It was difficult to break them up, but we both deserved to have some of them.
  12. I recently inherited an 1882 Khedive Star which was awarded to my 2nd Great Uncle. Unfortunately, it had been polished at some point in time. Should I darken the bronze to its original color or keep it like it is? I was thinking of using Jax Brown-Black Bronze Darkener. Does anyone have any experience with it? Also, sadly it is missing the ribbon and crescent and star bar. Does anyone know a source where I might purchase a replacement?
  13. This hat badge (at least that's what I think it is) was among some medals I recently inherited. The medals are from my 2nd great uncle (Captain, 5th Dragoon Guards) and my great grandfather (Captain Royal Horse Guards). This is the only thing I can't identify and I've searched all over the www. Any ideas?
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