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  1. JAN W

    Japanese badge

    Please,help me with the identification of this Japanese badge.
  2. JAN W

    Merit medals.

    Hello. Please identify the medal - konjuhosho or shijuhosho.? Can you set the date of sending?
  3. Hello. I am asking for help in identifying this document.
  4. Hello. I am asking for identification. Emperor's visit in ...?
  5. JAN W

    Japanese shield...?

    Thank you very much .
  6. JAN W

    Japanese shield...?

    Hello. Please identify the item from the photo. Dimensions: 18 x 15,5 cm.
  7. JAN W

    Identify case.

    A new, unknown badge.
  8. JAN W

    Identify case.

    Help identify case , please. Thank you.
  9. JAN W

    Japanese badge.

    Thank you very much .I still do not know anything about the first badge...?
  10. JAN W

    Japanese badge.

    Please,help me with the identification of this Japanese badge. Thank you
  11. JAN W


    Hello. I have a badge from the organization of Butoku - kai in the collection. The kit contains a certificate with the owner's details. I am asking for a translation. Thank you for your response.
  12. JAN W


    Thank you for the information. I will try to contact the school for more information. Regards - Jan
  13. JAN W


    Hello. I am asking for the identification of Japanese badges related to martial arts (kendo).
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