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  1. JAN W

    Japanese medal

    Thank you all for your help.
  2. JAN W

    Japanese medal

    Thank you for the answer. I took better pictures for Paul.
  3. JAN W

    Japanese medal

    Hello. This is my new medal. What period does it come from and is the box original? What does the additional inscription on the box mean ...?
  4. Hi all, does anyone have any information on this badge?
  5. JAN W

    Butoku Kai badge

    What class is the award and what is the content of the inscription?
  6. JAN W

    Japanese badge

    Please,help me with the identification of this Japanese badge.
  7. JAN W

    Merit medals.

    Hello. Please identify the medal - konjuhosho or shijuhosho.? Can you set the date of sending?
  8. Hello. I am asking for help in identifying this document.
  9. Hello. I am asking for identification. Emperor's visit in ...?
  10. JAN W

    Japanese shield...?

    Thank you very much .
  11. Hello. Please identify the item from the photo. Dimensions: 18 x 15,5 cm.
  12. JAN W

    Identify case.

    A new, unknown badge.
  13. JAN W

    Identify case.

    Help identify case , please. Thank you.
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