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  1. PC S-585 / F-82 Patrick James Mangan - Joined 1910 - Dismissed for Striking 1919 Following my earlier post - I'm adding everything I have discovered, warts and all, about this man who was my maternal grandfather. There are also two other officers mentioned who may be of interest to you - but I've not researched them in any great detail - they are Joseph Schoenfelder and Martin Hayes. Patrick was born in County Mayo, Connaught,Ireland – as per 1911 Census. His date of birth is not verified with any record, but has been documented as follows: 1880 - as per the 1939 Register
  2. Thank you both for you advice regarding the medal - I will add the research in a bit once I’ve got it in some kind of time line.
  3. You never know - best I keep an eye on Ebay. There are obviously plenty of medal dealers out there - in your experience, can you recommend any for this type of medal? Thank you.
  4. Hi - thanks for that, confirms what the news papers of the day reported. It was quite a surprise to discover he’d been in prison. I didn’t know there would have been any kind of medal for him. I thought he was dismissed without his pension or any other form of recognition. I will get together all the info I have so far and add it to this post .
  5. Hi Gordon - I didn’t know about the book, so it would be great to hear what’s been said about him. I found references to the assault by searching online in the British Newspaper archives. A random search bought that up and also the fact he was shot in the arm at his place of work whilst trying to apprehend a thief ( 1939 - so long after he had left the Met ). Thank you for replying to me and I look forward to hearing what’s in the book. Best wishes Jan ...
  6. I was wondering if anybody can recommend where to go for researching Officers in London Metropolitan Police. My grandfather Patrick James Mangan joined in July of 1910, his number was 98743 and he was in S Division - his collar number S-585. He was dismissed as a striker on 1 August 1919, serving in F Division at the time with collar no F-82. He lived in Kenley Street, Notting Dale I would love to find out what kind of events he policed or cases he was involved. I have the National Archive records of his attestation and dismissal entries. Of course no pension records for
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