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    A small collection of EK1s for sale due to re-balancing of the collection. Top row left to right: 1. 1914 EK1 maker Sy-Wagner - caution! cracked core! EUR 150 2. 1914 EK1 maker Carl Dillenius - EUR 220 3. 1914 EK1 maker Wilhelm Deumer, early pin, non-magnetic core - EUR 180 Bottom row left to right: 1. 1914 EK1 maker Victoria DRGM - very rare with visible maker mark - see detail on separate image - EUR 350 2. 1914 EK1 maker Friedrich Linden, 3-part screwback - EUR 300 3. 1914 EK1 maker Wilhelm Deumer screwback with anti rotation pin, magnetic - EUR 250 1914 EK2 maker KO on "austrian style" ribbon, including original ribbon - EUR 60 Payment via Paypal "family and friends", otherwise add 4% Additional images upon request. Items are in the Netherlands, shipment not included, provided at cost - please let me know what type of shipment you would prefer. Thank you Serge


  2. Greetings all - I won an auction on this item recently, it arrived today. Keen to hear expert opinions on that piece. What worries me is the weight - it is quite hefty at 38 grams.
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