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  1. Hi JapanX, Can you give me any location of reference material on the web for the medal. Thanks in advance, Kel
  2. Thanks again for your Info.
  3. Hi Japan X, Thanks for your info. My friend has had the medal in his coin store for quite a while hoping for an answer. I will be able to astound him with my (actually yours) detective skills. Any opinions if it is worth anything? Kel
  4. Hello. Firstly thank you for allowing me to join. I would like help in identifying this medal. It belongs to a friend. The information about the medal is that it belonged to a man who grew up in China in the early part of the 20th century and it was in that period when he got o. I cannot verify this information unfortunately. I suppose I would like to know how common it is. I have not got the meal with me, but it is about 5-6cm across. Hope someone can help. , Kel
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