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  1. Gentlemen - I came across the attached item - the dealer said it is a miniature of an order, but could not provide any specifics. I have my doubts. Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards, Reinhard
  2. Good day gentlemen, I have happened upon the item displayed in the attached photo. From my searches on the internet I have come across two sites describing the item as “Iraq Military Academy Distinguished Service Breast Star Medal Order Badge” – the links are as follows: https://www.theorienttreasures.com/shop-now/orders-medals-decorations/iraq-military-academy-distinguished-service-breast-star-medal-order-badge-saddam-2 and https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iraq-Military-Academy-Distinguished-Service-Breast-Star-Medal-Order-Badge-Saddam-/302078157106 . The limited description avers that the item is Iraqi of the Saddam-era. Could anyone assist with a positive identification, more info about item and possible what is was made of? Any additional info or links to websites with info would be highly appreciated. Regards, Reinhard
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