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  1. Because the badge is tricky to read I have made a mock-up of the features based on various similar badges. Does this help?
  2. Thanks Peter, yes, well spotted! I wondered if anyone would find my other posts. Hopefully someone will recognise the unifom/badge combination. No suggestion made so far has quite fitted. Though there was a "Captain James Childs" in a Middlesex Rifles regiment in 1859 this seems later than I would expect and also the badge doesn't seem to match. Links to the same post on other forums in case the replies are of help: https://www.britishbadgeforum.com/forums/showthread.php?p=505639#post505639 https://historum.com/threads/help-request-identify-british-army-regimen
  3. Hi, I have recently discovered a photo of an ancestor wearing a British army uniform. It appears similar to that warn by officers in the Crimean War. The Shako badge is not very clear but the shape and design are clear enough to see it's a star with no wreath and what I think is a VR (Victoria Royal?) in the center. I feel like this should be identifiable by process of elimination at least. However, a week of looking through google images and I have not found a match. More clues: Name - James Joseph Child DOB - 1841 in Shaftesbury, Dorset He lived in G
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