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  1. hI.. I have a litlte item in my collection I would like to get a bit of information on if possible. It measure approx. 4x4cm, its some sort of non-magnetic metal. I have no idea what it might have been made for and not sure how to categorize it for my collection. I just got it because it looks interesting but would like to get any ideas what it was on or ? Thank you.. Len ps: Was thinking to make it into a badge
  2. Hi Gordon.. thank you for link.. I did suspect the wings were not original as all the wings I have seen so far were cloth.. not seen any metal wings for the BSAP.. they look nice though.. too bad they are fakes.. am sure the pilots in the the BSAP would have liked these fakes onesa as well
  3. Hi, A friend is looking for any information on these BSAP wings. Can anyone help out? Thank you..
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