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  1. My personal guess would be that they used the most early type of South African P37, which you can see in the picture. I also came across an image which contained mostly all South African pith helmet flashes during the second world war and earlier. On that image, I saw a white and black helmet flash which was labeled "SWAI", which makes me assume they also used the regular South African pith helmet. About the uniform itself.. I'm not so sure.
  2. Greetings Chris. Thank you for sharing this information with me. However, I do have one last question. Would their uniforms and gear have been any different from the 'regular' Union Defence Force soldiers?
  3. Greetings everybody, Recently, I've stumbled across something called the 1 SWA (Southwest Africa) Infantry Battalion. This was a unit of the South African Union Defence Force during the second world war. Does anybody have any information on this unit?
  4. Greetings everyone, I was looking for somebody that potentially has some information and/or photos about the Thaba Tshwane military complex during the second world war. Many thanks in advance to all those who share their knowledge.
  5. Greetings everyone, I was wondering on which uniform(s) the South African cloth/metal shoulder titles would be worn. If anybody here knows, do let me know.
  6. Hello gavin, The patch you described earlier was the patch of the 2nd South African Infantry Division, which the SAP Brigade was part of. However, I would like to thank you for mentioning the book, as I bought it today. Hopefully it has some good descriptions of the uniform.
  7. Hello all, Recently, I've started writing about the South African Police Brigade (6th South African Infantry Brigade) during world war two. I have some questions regarding equipment and uniform. Did the South African Police have the standard uniform like all UDF troops? And what kind of pith helmet did they have, did they have any pith flash or badge on it? I've only seen one picture of a South African policeman, and from what I can see, it's just a plain pith. It looks like the Canadian hawley pith, actually. If any of you have any information regarding this topic, please share your
  8. Hello everyone, Recently, I was wondering what the white officers in the Native Military Corps and Non-European Army Services as a whole would've worn. Primarily their uniform and hat, and any badges or insignias they would've had on it. If any of you have some knowledge on this topic, please let me know.
  9. Hello sabrigade, Despite the fact that the last post in here was nine years ago, I do have a little bit of hope that you'll respond. That being said, I have a question about the cloth shoulder title. What uniform would the shoulder title be put on, and is it for special occasions?
  10. Hello everyone, Recently, I've come across this rare shoulder title of the South African Native Military Corps. My question is, what uniform did they put the shoulder title on? Khaki drill uniform or P37 battledress?
  11. Thank you for the welcome! From the little information I was luckily able to gather, the IMC did not merge with the NMC. They merged with the Cape Corps in 1942, if I recall correctly. My primary question remains on what the IMC would have worn on the side of their slouch hat. I've seen a picture of the Cape Corps from 1942 with their regimental pith flash on the side of the slouch. The NMC either has nothing on their slouch, only their badge, or a brown square with their badge mounted on it. Would the IMC have their regimental pith flash on the side, only their badge, or both?
  12. Hello everyone, I am looking for photos of the South African Indian and Malay Corps during the second world war. It's very hard for me personally to find anything online, besides the few standard photos. What I'm looking for primarily is what the Indian and Malay Corps would've had on their slouch hat. Many thanks if any of you do give me some information or photos.
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