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  1. Hi Glenn, Thanks for the note on Dr. Sohler. Indeed he was found in the Kiautschou address book for 1905 as the Marine-Oberassitenzarzt on S.M.S."Jaguar". So he could likely show up in the 1905 photo. Many regards, Raymond
  2. Thanks a lot to all. I am pretty sure it was late 1905 as there are other people in the group photo to define the time. I was guessing it was the Centenar because if the officer was Leo Jacobson, he would have one. However, looks like he was not because Leo Jacobson did not seem to have the St. Stanislaus. Anyway, it is very helpful to know he was probably not Leo Jacobson and I have more to go on. Thanks again.
  3. There are only three medals, so should be easy, for you experts. I think the first ones is the China commemorative coin for fighters, with two battle clips and the second is the Prussian Centenary Medal 1897. Which is the third? I tried to match this officer to Leo Jacobson (later Vizeadmiral) but the awards don't seems to match, even though they look alike. Any ideas? Many thanks for any help.
  4. Bravo! Thanks guys. I compare this with the list here: It seems other than the Wendish Crown, the rest match those of Funke. So how likely is another German officer similarly decorated?
  5. Hello, can someone please help me identify the awards on the left officer? The first one seems to be Königlich Preußischer Roter Adler-Orden 4. Klasse. I am trying to identify the awards to find out who he was. The time was 1905 and the place China but not Kiautschau, so could he be Korvettenkapitän Felix Funke, later Vizeadmiral, as he departed from there on 11 November 1905. Thanks.
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