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  1. Hello Fritz. The boards I will be using are for IR 38 (based in Glatz). Most of the infantry Litewka I have seen have had silver buttons. Others, such as Uhlan, have been gold, but I cannot be sure that that is true across the board. Would you have a Litewka in your collection that you would be willing to check the diameter of the twelve buttons on the front and the two buttons that hold the shoulder boards?
  2. Gentlemen, Thank you for the many comments, suggestions and wonderful photographs of Litewka tunics. I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge. I have seen photographs of Litewka tunics and I have seen them under glass in museums, but I have never held one in my hands. Therefore, I am turning to you, collectors who actually own Litewka tunics, to ascertain the information previously requested (re: diameter of the buttons)?
  3. I am curious to know if any members could recommend a good reference book that includes a discussion about German Imperial Army insignia for administrative officials. Books in English and German are desirable. My sincerest thanks for any recommendations!
  4. I am a relatively new member and I am planning to have a reproduction of an infantry officer's Litewka tunic made in the near future. I have only ever seen such tunics either in a museum or in photographs, so some of the important details regarding this type of tunic are not known to me. I have managed to source the proper colors of wool (both for the main body and collar of the tunic), as well as the red piping for the cuffs, etc. However, I am a bit confused regarding the buttons that would appear on an infantry officer's Litewka. Some of the photos I have seen show the tunic with sil
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