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  1. The first marking is indeed a boar head. The second isn’t clear enough to determine. Here is another picture of it. Do you have any idea if the other miniatures are original or not? Maybe any value?
  2. Thank you for helping, the commander cross is indeed an order of the lion and the sun. in attachement you can find the medals, unfortunately these aren't very clear. anyways, thank you for helping!
  3. I bought these 3 medals earlier and i wanted to know if these are originals or not. The MC has 3 silver marks. 2 on the medal and 1 on the bar. The miniatur MC has “silver” written on the back but no markings. The air force cross has no markings on the back and i think it’s a replica. If these are real, what would the value be of these? what time period are these from? thanks for the info!
  4. I found this portret on a flee market and wanted to find out more about who this is. Can anyone help me or tell me where i can find more information about him? I researched the name but can’t find anything. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hello Everyone, I recently bought these miniatures and I was hoping that anyone could help me with this. German medals are really not my area. They all came together. is there any way to identify who the belonged to? Any information about what class these are is welcome! Thanks you very much!
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