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    1. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      9. And the last photo - Special Forces parade:
    2. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      8. Officer Cadets of The Prisons Service
    3. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      7. Officer Cadets of The Ghana Military Academy
    4. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      6. Air Force --- Fire Service --- Fire Service --- Fire Service
    5. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      4. Air Vice Marshal --- Army --- Army --- Navy
    6. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      3. Police --- Civil --- Police --- Police Chief Superintendent --- Police Comissioner
    7. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      2. Director General of Prisons Service --- Unidentified Prisons Officer.
    8. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      Number of photos that can be called "Different colors of Ghanan military and services" 1. Deputy Superintendant of Immigration Service
    9. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      And his zoomed metal ribbon bar:
    10. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      Rear Admiral Matthew Quashie. His profile you can see here: http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/people/person.php?ID=1199
    11. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      Photos from 2011 National Honours And Awards Ceremony. The Order of the Volta awardees.
    12. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      ilja, thanks for your advice about data storage, I now use this service. And DVD-R's for more safety. Two sides of LSGC Medal:
    13. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      ilja, thanks a lot for new pictures! Спасибо!
    14. IVB

      Republic of Ghana

      Hi, Peter! These links are obsolete, I think. My hard drive with these pics and others (this was a BIG collection ) was stolen some years ago, so I can not help you. (( Cheers Ivan.
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