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  1. What was the 20th Century's most influential tank? Was the legendary Tiger 1? The T34? I do think that the Centurion must be up there somewhere, as it was the world's first tank with a stabilised gun, so that it could fire on the move. Others may argue the Panther, or purely for numbers and ease of manufacture, the Sherman. Any takers?
  2. I recently saw on Ebay , a Royal Ulster Constabulary 'bobby' helmet. Were these ever issued?
  3. Interesting. I bet that shocked some of the recruits at thoses Trainng Establishments!
  4. I don't know why some had a full stop and others differed , apart from maybe a change in manufacturer or a Wartime shortage of braid. I do know that during WWII, Royal Naval personnel were forbidden to wear the ship's name on their cap, for security reasons, so each 'tally' normally only had 'H.M.S.' on it. There were some who were allowed to have 'destroyer' or 'minesweeper' on it, but not the ship's name.
  5. Does anyone know anything about the Metropolitan Police Ambulance Service? I have a group of Five with 1902 Coronation on the end , but know nothing about the organisation. Anyone help?
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