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  1. Good morning gents!

    This arrived yesterday, I've tried to find out more about it, is it a 1934 version of the cross of voluntary military services? The ribbon is for a gold version I believe, but the only listing I can find on Medal Medaille shows a version with a different shaped front and rear centre piece. As I know next to nothing about French awards I throw myself on your mercy!


    French Cross of the Voluntary Military Services #1.jpg

    French Cross of the Voluntary Military Services #2.jpg

  2. Thanks Bernhard!


    I'll just take this opportunity to post a completely off-topic photo of life in the southern hemisphere in February, yesterday actually, at Warriewood beach, Warriewood, New South Wales, Australia. The yellow stuff is sand, the green/blue stuff in the background is warm water, and the big yellow ball in the blue sky is called "the sun". Check it out and weep northern hemisphere suckers! (in the nicest possible way of course)  ;) 


    Thanks again Bernhard!


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