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  1. Owain, Intereting articles in the OMSA journal. Thank you again for your help jasmor58
  2. Owain, Seems to be really quite complicated! Jasmor58
  3. Thank you Owain for the info. It is really difficult to find out very much, criteria etc, about arabic medals. Thanks again for your response. Jasmor58
  4. Can any one advise on how long an officer must serve before receiving the police order of long & loyal service medal;? Jasmor58
  5. Thanks Peter and Gunner 1. He also appears in the London gazette for 12th Sept 1944. The dsate of his death. Jasmor58
  6. I am trying to find more infromation on a WW2 airman, Flying Officer Joseph Archebald Wilson Mc Callum, service number 173828. Date of death 12/09/44, age 22, and is commemorated on panel 207 at the Runnymede Memorial. Nn old newspaper cutting states that "For bravery during the now famous RAF attack on Peenemunde in August 1943, when he was injured and partially blinded by an anti aircraft shell, this Glasgow airman has received the Distinguished Flying Cross." Any information on this airman,or advice as to where further research could me made would be greatfully appreciated. Using the date of his death, the only big raid I can find is the one against Darmstadd on 11/12 Sept. 1944, when 12 lancasters were lost. This is however, supposition on my part .
  7. Jeff, Sorry about my terrible typing. That bit should read as follows "It is also mentioned..." Jim.
  8. Jeff, Fantastic pictures. Yes, It was definately Vlamertinge Chateau, the one which we visited and met with the Duke and Duchesse. Tt hat 15 It is also mentioned in the history of 154 Siege Battery and the guns were located in the orchard.. I have sent your pictures to my friend in Belgium. He was especially interested in the photograph of the church. Will send a copy of his email to you wich has info which might be of interest to you. Regards, Jim
  9. Jeff, Thanks for the info. Last year my wife and I had the privilege of visiting Vlamertinghe and having a conducted tour by the Duke. We also had tea with his mother, the Duchesse Du Park. We were visiting a few of the sites where my wife's father was positioned with 154 Siege Battery. Vlamertinghe Chateau was one of the highlights as it castle is not open to the public. Having researched my father-in -law's war service and life, and actually being able to visit the place where he won his Military Medal (not at Vlamertinghe) was a great emotive experience. My wife also participated in the Last Post Ceremony by laying a wreath at the Mennin Gate in memeory of the men of 154 Sb who died in the conflict. We were also able to visit the grave of a friend of my wife's father who was killed and is interred in Bedford Castle Cemetery. The visit to Vlametinghe made me want to find out more about the place.Hope to be back in Flanders some time this year. Regards, Jasmor58
  10. Thanks Jeff. Much appreciated. Still feel that somewhere out there there must be a picture showing the damage. Jasmor58
  11. Jeff, Sorry, but I omitted to say that it would also be interesing to see the pictures from the thirties. Just to see how the reconstruction was. I did not think that the Chatea had been so badly damaged. regards, Jasmor58
  12. Jeff, I tried to download this picture for my personal use but it did not come out very clear. Is it possible to get a clearer copy of this photo. Regards, Jasmor58
  13. Thanks Jeff, That is fantastic. Exactly what I was looking for. Jasmor58
  14. Does anyone have , or know of any, wartime photographs of Vlamertinghe Chateau in Belgium? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My fater-in-law was posiotioned here with 154 Siege Batteryi9n 1918. Regards, Jasmor58
  15. Chris, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will follow this up. Jasmor58
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