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  1. Mark and I had a great talk via Facebook about this yesterday. It seems that we will never really know until a proven wartime photo surfaces, that can prove that this buckle was used. It's all very fascinating
  2. So after a little discussion with a very knowledgeable fellow collector, I have decided to keep the strap that is on this helmet on... and display the strap that came with it in its own Riker case ( it is very fragile) that way I can keep this enigma with the helmet that it came with, but still display it with a known wartime example
  3. I was able to see the makers mark. CL/C and the date 42. You can see the 2 in the bottom portion of the ruts at the top right corner and it extends down into the paint. Since all examples (known) have that have this "early" strap are dated 1940, would this have been a strap that was indeed added post war?
  4. So one more thing about this helmet. It came with this rather beat up strap and I was told that it was a post war strap. That being said I decided to replace it with a known wartime example.... now I'm having second thoughts about this decision.... I'm thinking that this could possibly now be an early war example. Thoughts?
  5. I've been trying to figure this one out, but with so many varying opinions I don't know what to think... I'm leaning to purely post war, but I want to know for certain.... if possible...also, does anyone know when this photo was taken?
  6. I'm super happy with this one. The field painted ones are getting harder to come across.
  7. I think its canadian as well.... here's another photo showing some repairs to the paint. Don't know if this was done during war time or post war and it doesn't bother me to know. I think it's a cool feature on this helmet
  8. Here's a couple more photos. I'll add some more in a little while The liner is 42, but the rim is so worn that it's hard to make out the date and maker mark.... might have to try rubbing flour or chalk on it to see it there's anything readable
  9. Just wanted to share with you my new field painted beauty. Cheers
  10. Thank you Peter. I'm wondering if anyone has Clive Law's book and could possibly weigh in on what this ID number was actually associated with
  11. Thank you Peter. I may look further into the Ontario regiment. Hopefully I can find something.
  12. It's a larger size, fits my wrist. I've seen Canadian ID bracelets that have been field recovered before, one of them being on the show War Junk. Many of them look like this one, several without the "fancyness" I'm inclined to think that this is an actual ID bracelet and not a sweetheart, but I do welcome others opinions
  13. Thanks for the reply. I know what the enamel is a design of. Im looking more for the regiment and possibly info on the soldier. Also Im wondering if these ID bracelets were more so used by officers..... Sorry, Ishould have specified that in my original post Speaking of the enamel... here's a better photo of it
  14. The insignia is red/white/red. Can't take photos as of right now, unfortunately
  15. So I've had this Canadian made MK2 for a couple of years now. Recently I've been informed that the insignia is for the Northumberland Fusiliers, but it's named to George W Foote of the RCASC. Just looking for as many opinions as possible on this beautiful old soldier. Regards
  16. Unfortunately this is missing its lugs, and was in an advanced state of decay, so in order to try and save what was left of it I gave it a CLR bath.... not something I like doing, but I saw no other alternative.
  17. Bought this recently off ebay. It was listed as a 10th canadian infantry battalion collar title, but I thought it might be a shoulder insignia. I don't know much about these. I've seen the larger numbered ones ( ones with 3 digits) but this one has much bigger numbers. I just wanted to know a little more about it.... thanks for looking
  18. Thanks again fischer. I really like the look of this one too..... certainly a favorite badge of mine.
  19. First IAB I ever bought.... this one holds a special place in my heart
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