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  1. I also feel that they will use a specific regimental badge if its millitary. To me It will be weird for a unit to use a provincial coat of arm on a sword when the army is federal and very stiff on having similar stuff cost to cost. Thats why I think National Assembly, Lieutenant Governor or Quebec Police will made more sense. My problem is that I do not own any, and so far can't find any, references on the subject.
  2. Hi all, Just got this one today and I'm trying to figure out what it is exaclty. I took a guess because the seller price was low. As far as I know : -Its post 1953, because of the EIIR seal. - The coat of arm on the guard are the one of Quebec Province. - Made in England by Wilkinson and its 40 inches long. - Look to be some kind of «foot guards» model. It may not be millitary at all, I have tought about Quebec Lieutenant Governor, Quebec Provincial Police or even Parliement Officer Sword. I just have no clue. I'm in complete shadows and any help will be appreciated.
  3. Would like your opinion on this one...Good or no good ?
  4. Hi all, Id like some opinions about this Johanniter Orden that I have found today in a local antique shop. If you need more pictures feel free to ask. My mind on it : Its modern. Im sure of that. Material is way to cheap and new to be Imperial period. But it dosnt mean automatic «fake» to me because the Order still exist today and still be given even in 2011. The case remind me of the West Germany & DDR stuff from the 60's to the 80's, so I guess its from this time frame. I have the complete neck ribbon who goes with it and box. My interrogation are : modern or fake ? Value ? Thumbs up or down ? Thanks for opinions!
  5. Hi all, I have been offered at 250$us this cross of the legion of honor. Looks to me like a second empire version, probably 1850-1860 era. Will appreciate help for thumbs up or down! Better pictures will follow, those are the one the actual sellers as kept from ebay when he purchase it few years ago. I had ask him better one and he his suppose to send them to me today or tomorrow. Any opinions ?
  6. Just a little interrogation about those boxes. Are they given to all soldiers or only to the units serving at the front/ outside their country ?
  7. The tin is empty, just like the other one I got for years. I had found it in a antique shop in Quebec city, Canada, about 30 min walk from where I lived! Brian : I wish you to find one back one day. Those thing happen for different reason, sometime you had a piece you don't care at the moment and let it go, sometime you need the money to pay bills, sometime you deserve something else more then you trade it... theres always a good reason to let thing go away and regret it later!!! For now I'll keep the named one, then I'm gonna sell the unnamed.
  8. The one on left is the one I had for severall years, the one to the right is the one I had found yesterday morning in a local antique shop. Its the first time I saw one named like that. Any opinions on it ? My opinion on the box is the person had it engrave to his name after receiving it. Once again in almost 15 years of canadian/british militaria collecting I never saw one named before!!! I was told by someone on another forum that there was two guy named J.J. Cocks who served. One Northumberland Fusiliers and the other Grenadier Guards.
  9. This thread was for advice before buying the medal someone offer me by email. But finnally I have not pruchase this one, after a few email with the seller he told me the edge were buffed somewhere back in times and the name was erased during this process. It was a complete turn off to me! Thanks to all for advice.
  10. Titles says all! Ribbon is new for sure,but what did you think of this medal ?
  11. I also find those price very high and I have to said, something I should had mention on my first message, that I had no interest in buying a brand new decoration direct from the fabric because to me they have no historical value. Your tips to the Administration des Monnaies et Médailles may have been usefull if they had keep making some very old and almost impossible to find medals and orders...unfortunatly they don't! Just as a reference their website is : http://www.monnaiedeparis.fr I do not think I'll buy anything from them but their website will goes in my bookmarks for reference materials, so I thank you very much for that! As a matter of price its not better then the first website... As a exemple : Ordre des Palmes académiques Chevalier : Monnaie de Paris 65 euro Arthur Bertrand 64 euro Get lucky on ebay or at the free market in France : not more then 20-30 euro!!!
  12. Hi all, I would like to add new pieces to my french medal and order collection and I'm looking for a good and honest online dealer. I had lived about 1 years in France and buy most of my stuff over there in antique shops, markets and none of the person I met had a website! So, if any of you can recommend me a good online source that will be very appreciate! Thanks!
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