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  1. Hi Chris. got this nice set at a militaria show in Reno Nevada back in the early 90's, bought this set for around $300. Back then i was more into ww2 german stuff but this really got me hooked on ww1. so i started to dabble in german ww1 paper items photos,postcards,albums, id's and now thats pretty much all im buying now ,, that and some helmets and uniforms if they popup. i quit one habit to start the ww1 habit man its better than crack!!!!! anyway the verdun section looks like it lasts for just about 3 months and he's more closer to avocurt. not to many pics, but alot of writting and a plans for his building he stays in i think. after this little stint he's off to russia. enjoy the photos joe
  2. part 2 of list. ill try and get more stuff posted tonight. if you guys want to see more just comment, thxs joe
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