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  1. Dear all, after so many great research results here, I would like to post another sword from my collection and ask for your help in researching its former owner. This is the "old" infantry pattern sword as worn before 1889. And this is definitely not the military officials or other administrative bodies sword, but a real infantry fighting sword. The most interesting fact around this sword is the etching on its blade: "Carl Schulze" - which is certainly its former owner. Besides that, etchings include flags and arms plus the Prussian eagle and the crest of Wilhelm W under a King's crown (an
  2. Hey guys, a very nice sword! I am afraid I need to add to the complication: There is also the guard fuesilier regiment, with probably a lot of nobles in it. Plus the sword may also be worn as a cavalry interim piece, even though these guys usually preferred lion head sabres. Best, Frank
  3. Definitely. To all of you: this was stunning research! Thanks all of you!
  4. And before I forget: even as a nurse you may receive NCO rank and the right to wear the officer's sword...
  5. Dear all, and most importantly dear Rick (the genious researcher!) here is the next challenge from my collection. Again an imperial infantry officer's sword model 1889 (luxury version, damascus blade). But this time presented to a nurse! (yes, you read this correctly!) Inscription reads: "Ihrem lieben Collegen Kaufmann zu seinem 25 j?hrigen Dienstjubil?um 4.10.70 bis 4.10.95" And on the reverse: "Die Gesellschaft der Lazarethgeh?lfen Berlins" So this means presented to our dear colleague Kaufmann to his 25th service jubilee Oct 4, 1870 to Oct 4, 1895, the socienty of the military hospita
  6. I guess they were just saving paper, the Prussians were always short on money So where does the "Hugo" come from? :unsure:
  7. Great !!!!! Cremer has had a fascinating carreer as it seems More pics...
  8. Dear all, Rick's amazing posts have inspired me to come up with a new question from my collection. A 1889 infantry sword model presented in 1890 in Cassel (today Kassel). The inscription reads: "Cremer s./l. Riemann", "Cassel 1890" [lossely translated Cremer to his dear Riemann] In addition, the sword pommel cap has the intials engraved which read for my eye like "HR", e.g. "Heinrich Riemann"? The blade is damascus ("Eisenhauer Damaststahl"), thes cabbard (not pictured here) is black with one ring. Cassel had an military officers school thus I presume the two guys finished their officer'
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