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  1. Hi All I've been offered an EK2, maker marked 34 which I believe that Wilhelm Annetsberger is the maker. I'm a bit confused, Annetsberger did make Third Reich awards but according to what I've read online he didn't make Iron Crosses although I have seen a few crosses attributed to him for sale. Are the attributed crosses fake or did he make some for a small period of time. Any info would be appreciated. The cross itself is very chunky and has a full lug and has been well used, the ring with Annetsbergers number on it may have been added as the ring looks like it may have been opened at o
  2. Hi All I recently bought a set of RAF dog tags named to 150839 Officer E. D SCATCHARD, i believe they are World War 2 in date. I know nothing about researching Royal Air force Personnel',i did however find some information about him on Ancestry including a photo of him in later life. He was born in 1924 and passed away in 2009' unfortunately i can find nothing on his military career. I wonder if anybody can help me with any information on the chap,'or point me in the right direction to do my own research. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Graham
  3. Hi All I have a WW1 BWM awarded to an RNAS Kite Balloon Officer. He served at Roehampton, Sheerness and 3 months at Dunkirk. Can anybody tell me if he would be entitled to a Victory medal, i'm assuming since he served in France that he would be entitled , but i'm told he probably wasn't. Any information would be appreciated. Cheers Graham
  4. Hi Jan and Ralph Thanks for the info, it's most appreciated, i've done a bit of research on the guy since i posted my question. According to his London Gazette entries, he was promoted to an officer from being a Flight Sergeant, so it's just possible that he may well have been Aircrew before his promotion. Cheers Graham
  5. Hi I wonder if anybody can help with some information. I've recently come into possession of a group of WW2 medals attributed to a Flying Officer who was a member of a balloon section. Included in the group was a copy Air Crew Europe star. Does anybody know if a balloon section officer would have ever been Aircrew, or would he just be a ground crew officer. Any info would be appreciated Cheers Graham
  6. Hi Johnsy,leigh kitchen, jeff Thanks for the information, i've been in touch with the Australian National Archives, and i bought a copy of his papers. I've also done some research and found that he enlisted in 1942, and finished his War as a member of 2 Squadron RAAF. I believe that it wasn't unusual for some Australian personnel to not be issued 1939-45 stars, in fact any surviving WW2 veterens today can claim one.I've also realised that his Pacific Star isn't named, i believe that it should be, does anybody know why this is. I believe that it wasn't unusual for Royal Australian Navy personne
  7. Hi I've recently bought a WW2 Australian Airforce group. The group consists of a Pacific Star, 1939-45 war medal and Australia Service medal, the group is contemporarily mounted and doesn't appear to have a 1939-45 star. Does anybody know why this may be, i've been told that he may well have been a P.O.W. Any information would be appreciated. Regards Graham
  8. Hi I wonder if anybody can let me have any information on the above Officer whose medals are in my collection.I know a lot about his World War 1 service in the Essex Regiment, and as an Observer Officer in the Royal Flying Corps for which he won the BWM and VM, he was also Mentioned In Dispatches. He seems to have seen some WW2 service,being commissioned into the Royal Fusiliers in 1940, and then presumably saw service in India as he was awarded WW2 medals including a Burma star. I was told when i purchased the group that he was an Officer in a Punjab Regiment and saw servive fighting the Japa
  9. Hi Can anyone let me have any information on the career of the above officer, he served in the Indian Medical Service 1930 until 1947 reaching the rank of Lieutenant colonel. I have his 1936 I.G.S, so i know he saw some action in the 1930's, but i know nothing of his service during World War 2, i was told that he served in Burma but i don't have no real proof. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Graham
  10. Hi Paul & Ed Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated Cheers Graham
  11. Hi Does anybody know what actions the above Indian Army Regiment were involved in during the campaign in Iraq 1919-1920. Any help would be appreciated Cheers Graham
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