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  1. And my question. It is hand engraving or all in made stemped? Handangraving.....! Verym very rare rare award....!
  2. So, in first, sorry for my bad english. But for realy collectors, we must learn and accepted that we not know all. Also, I say, it is no fake. I mean thats are kurdistan or every other little interest group award, that like to be free .... No man have interest to made fake, so it will be knight cross from germany! *smile* and hope more collectors made questions.
  3. Hello friends! The colors are made by plastic. Not realy enmail. Sincerely Holger / hmf-herbst.de P.S.: But the interest on this award is, bachsi?de are in english stemped..!!!
  4. O.K.! Again! On first picture is writen: Top: Koenige Neapolitani Orden "In Sanguine Foedus" and the crest of PORTUGAL! Why? Under: Ritter des hl Ianuarii / Chevalier de St. Janvier and the other picture looks like a knigth of order de avis but what is to sea for a church? In Porto Lisboa?
  5. I have founde to pictures. 1. On the first pircture is the crest from portugal to look but it is a Order from Neapel. Why? Same duke to give the order? 2. On the seconde picture is the order of Avis to look. But what for a chruch is to see? Thanks for help.
  6. Thats the order of industry , Persia , knight1. class in goldplated and and 2. class in silver plated. Dimension is 7,5 x 7,5 cm
  7. Thats the "Order of merit - first degree" Iraq. Writen so on backside. ( stemp in english direct on the award).
  8. Thats a award from my collection. But what for a country?
  9. Sorry for not rigth answher. I mean a other medal. rigth answher: Thats a "official medal" from afghan. gouv.!
  10. Settlers have other problems to buy than medal. We will see. Irgen when gives it special answers.
  11. But for what a tourist or other people like to buy this medal in this time? Other younger collector will finde a answher in later time.
  12. But Samuel was in Palestin from 1920 to 1925. And the medals is not also in arabic. Only in english and hebraic.
  13. Is the name of award - holder. The sport - category. And POW Egypt 1948.
  14. In my collection is a nice medal. Silverplated. Made in 1920. Please look the pictures.
  15. Thats are documents and medals from german POW in Egypt 1948. Made in very bade situation.
  16. Thats are a medal X-masstocking Souvenir from friends in Egypt
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