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  1. Hallo hmfgreifswald,

    why would you think something with a crown

    an "X" possibly representing "10" a maker name which sounds English,

    be connected to DDR / East Germany?

    Kevin in Deva. cheers.gif

    Hi Kevin,

    it is not related to DDR. The only information I've got ist that this was presented to a man working at any embassy in Istanbul.


  2. In first to the navy flags east germany: The oldest are in cotton textile. The youngest one, are made in Polyamid textile( Dederon). The flage with the ligthe house are from a help ship. The flag of help ships are every in blue. Battle ships are red. This typ of the helpshipflage with lighte house is form the sea hydrography service in the DDR a part of the Volksmarine. The SHD ( Seehydrographischer Dienst der DDR ) maintain the buoys and other seafaring - sign in the baltic sea and also light houses. Sincerely Holger

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