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  1. You've probably seen the Black and Tan with Comrac and Volunteer Button/badge. Thoughts anyone? Ebay item 270263615419. PS, It would be nice to win a medal or two at the Olympics......
  2. Thanks, do you know where and what time? :cheeky:
  3. If any members know of any good shops or dealers specializing in 1916 memorabilia or medals in Dublin or Cork that would great. I'm heading over in August. Can't wait.
  4. Yes, thanks for the good info. Here's a picture. I was told by a good reliable source they were issued to a man names James Corby. I received a letter from the Dept, of Defense (which I wrote) to get documentation of the medals I bought and it looks positive. The letter stated that a file reference was found in respect of a Medal application for James Corby. The file has been requested from the Military Archives and they will be in contact with me again when it comes in hand. I think it is important to have this information, as it adds to the provenance of the medal and supports the fact that is genuine (which I believe it to be). Here's some pics.
  5. This is my first post on this site and I must say the articles are quite interesting to read. On a visit to Ireland last year I took the walking tour of 1916. It's actually pretty interesting. I started collecting Irish memorabilia from that era. I have some stamps, the Pearse coin, a few record albums and books and have recently acquired a War of Independence (Black and Tan) medal, together with a 1921-71 Survivors medal. I think it would be great to have a B/T with Comrac, A Rising medal and others from that era. Besides Ebay, and you really have to do your homework, are there other good sources from which to purchase something like this and what is the going rate. I know there are auctions and such. What about dealers in Dublin or area? I would also like to thank snearkbrooklyn and irishmedals for all their help. I'm an average Canadian guy who has taken up a hobby not for the money but for the interest it brings. I'd love to hear from fellow club members.
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