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  1. Dear friends, I would like to introduce you a small project, website, devoted to life and creative activity of a talented German artist Paul Casberg. In my opinion, his creative activity and artworks take not the last place among the reasons why we collect German antique military objects. This site is being constantly updated and added. For the present moment not all section are available or completely filled with information. I would like to express gratitude to institutions and persons listed on the website who contributed to this project as well as to all participants of this and other specialized forums. Without your help and your information interchange this project could not exist. Please note, if you have noticed on this website images belonging to your collections and you disagree with its posting, please let us know. If you have better or clearer images than those posted on this website and you are willing to share them or have images that we don`t have, we would include them with pleasure and gratitude indicating the sources. We also take care of your opinion; your feedback will be posted on the website. We do welcome even negative ones, as consider them the best help to improve our project. http://paulcasberg.com/en/ Best wishes, On behalf of the team Honordagger, Den.
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